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Back in the Apple again.....via Calgary

Calgary- Alberta, CanadaI'm currently laid over on a Continental flight heading to Calgary via Chicago O'Hare for a show with Spanish Harlem Orchestra.  What to do?  Update the blog.

 After a month and a half of traveling, gigging, and generally living out of suitcases, I've finally made it and relocated back to the Big Apple, NYC.

 It's great to be back, and I'm really looking forward to being able to get my music to the world stage and to a broader audience at large.  I'm very excited to be back and surrounded by musicians of this caliber!

 I will be also spending a measure of time establishing a new music and recording arts that I'm currently designing in Harlem.  The Harlem School of Music and Recording Arts will focus on jazz, latin jazz & salsa, hip-hop and rock, all using formal music training as a major lynchpin of these musical genres.  The school will feature a state-of-the-art recording studio and music workstations utilizing Garage Band and Logic to enable the students to record their ideas and learn the process of sequencing their ideas to rhythms appropriate to the genre.  We will begin the first phase of this process by auditioning students of the Frederick Douglas Academy, where the school is currently housed.  In later phases, we will be expanding staff and admitting more students as the schools' needs grow.

So - it's feeling great to finally get settled in Jersey City Heights (featuring spectacular views of Manhattan!), indulge in the fine local food fare and get the "crib" up and running.

Now if we can make it to Calgary tonight; we've already missed our connection.....

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